Sunday, December 14, 2008


New photo fetish: Christmas lights.

Outtakes from my first second-shot wedding, something I'm hoping to do a lot more of in the future. Being surrounded by people having a good time and shooting a couple normally in the middle of the best day of their lives is a refreshing change of pace from working in the darker corners of the world. Opportunity came courtesy of the extremely talented Jayd Gardina.

Father of the groom.

God's eye view.

Love seems contagious...

Save for the immune.

Groom, suddenly alone with his thoughts. It wasn't planned, everyone just happened to be somewhere else for a few fleeting moments, like those inexplicable holes in the vehicular stream cascading down Broadway that allow you to walk clear across one of the busiest streets in the world in the middle of the day. You could almost see the enormity of what was unfolding rush to fill the void left by a momentary lack of handshakes, smiles, and preparations. Moments later, the space and silence closed around him.

Mother and father of the groom, ending a chapter in their own lives by watching their last son get married.

Bride and father on one of life's two ceremonial walks - one for forward thought and the other retrospective.

Contagious indeed.

The Foundry. Queens, NY